Welcome to Green Plastic Designs

Green Plastic Designs™ is a company that pride themselves in helping the environment cope with the ever increasing demands place on nature by modern man. We at Green Plastic design aim for a 0% carbon rating and strive toward more efficeint ways to decrease the negative impact that plastic waste product has on the environment.

 We are a succesfull business in the manufacture and supply of recycled plastic planks and poles since 2006. Green Plastic Designs™ saw the wastage accumelating from polyetheline palitising where bottlecaps and labels found its way back into landfill. We then formulated a wastige recovery model in that we recycle polypropoline wastage from polyetheline palitising companies thus bringing wast product to a minimum.

Green Plastic Designs™ future outlook is to decrease waste product across South Africa and we have partnered with PETCO and Plastic South Africa to make this a reality within the coming months.

In a very short period of time Green Plastic Designs™ have made huge strides in the development of new and inivitive ways of utilizing the recycled plastic product in various different ways. This is truly an awesome product and we take great pride in the manufacturing and design of all our 100% recycled plastic products. Our product range is an extensive one with ever increasing designs added to our porfolio.

Products and product utilization range from Housing to seating, Fencing, kids playgrounds, geyser isolation to walkways and Jettys. The posibilities are endless and all this while we are collectively cleaning up our citys and oceans and making the world a better place for our generation and the next.